Sportingtech expands into Africa with 9jawin

We support promising projects like 9jawin in achieving their goals to become the leader in Nigeria
October 18, 2018

Sportingtech is about to expand its operations in the African market after closing the strategic deal with Nigerian brand 9jawin.

With its Pulse Platform and its powerful features, Sportingtech will help 9jawin achieve the objectives to become a gaming community to serve and support the well-established and passionate sports lovers in Nigeria.

New experience for the players

Players in this territory will experience something brand new and innovative while providing them the opportunity to have the maximum level of entertainment, easier, faster and the best ways to bet.

With responsible gambling features implemented, a simple, fast and clean website, a variety of attractive promotions, 9jawin will provide its players with more fun than ever before.

Entering the Nigerian market is a huge milestone

Elvis Džombić, Head of Business Development at Sportingtech, expressed: “We are extremely happy to support the promising projects like 9jawin in achieving their goals to become the leaders Nigerian and later, in the African market. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase the power of our Pulse platform, both online and in retail. Entering the Nigerian market is a huge milestone. Our team is very dedicated to providing the best possible service and we will improve even more over time. The excellent platform in combination with highly skilled professionals guarantees success for our customers”.

Elvis Džombić, Head of Business Development at Sportingtech

Simple, fast, and clean website with sign-up bonuses

Adekunle Adeniji, 9jawin CEO & Founder said: "After years of almost unchallenged dominance of some sport betting companies in Nigeria, the industry needs a new Leader. We describe ourselves as a tech company. Why? Because we are innovators, our plan is to give the players the opportunity to have the right platform, easier and the best way to bet. We want to create the right tools for our agents. We have no interest in huge profits, therefore, we will create a room for different types of bonuses very good commission to our agents. We will not encourage compulsive gambling that’s why we have a feature that lets a player decide the amount he/she plans to spend every month. A simple, fast and clean website, easy to use features, a lower entry fee for bets and sign up bonuses are part of the plans to make your betting experience more fun with us."

About 9jawin

Founded in 2018, 9jawin was founded by Adekunle Adeniji, a seasoned Gaming professional with more than 8 years of experience in the Nigeria gaming scene. 9jawin plans to operate from Lagos, the country’s economic powerhouse. The company plans to grow rapidly both online and offline to the whole 36 states of The Federation within 24 months after launch.

Feel free to contact 9jawin by sending a message to this email: