Opportunity knocks

With yet another partnership sealed, Sportingtech’s continued momentum is setting the standard for the iGaming industry, writes CEO Ivo Doroteia

Remaining steadfast

The postponement of ICE London this year is evidence of a world still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, but the trade show’s more stable position on our calendars in April gives us hope for a return to normality.

Our industry is an unpredictable beast, and an inability to adapt to a frequently shifting climate usually sounds the death knell for most. Sportingtech’s adaptability has, for some time now, taken the form of Quantum, which utilises modularity to provide sports betting and iGaming solutions for the myriad objectives of those that need them most. But our commitment to staying the course has this year manifested itself in the multitude of business deals made with the industry’s best and brightest. The latest, with aggregator and content provider Pariplay, is yet another example of our forward-thinking nature.

Combined with a portfolio of over 12,000 titles is Pariplay’s Fusion aggregation platform, with a host of back-office tools to supplement that. Prioritising access to this kind of premium content is not the sign of a company willing to slow down, and bolstering Quantum’s already formidable arsenal in such a way sets us in good stead for 2022.

The player is paramount

With collaboration comes increased engagement of more markets, and Pariplay’s influence now extends across regulated markets in Europe and Latin America, territories in which we show particular strength. Affording our partners a broader reach gives an increased player base access to even more high-quality games, which is always our end goal.

In turn, Quantum is now in an even stronger position to provide worldwide players the industry-leading solution they have come to expect. Deals like these embody our prioritisation of continued momentum – the unpredictability of the iGaming world means that a continued emphasis on the development of Quantum is of the highest importance, and by taking pride in offering a modular platform that caters to a wide variety of customer tastes and market demands, we will always be prepared for whatever the coming months can throw at us.

This deal marks yet another stepping stone on our Quantum journey, and with so much progress already made in 2022, the sky is truly the limit for this year.

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