Modular Sports Betting and Casino platform providing all the services you need.

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Powerful technology

1 and 5 minute markets for football /basketball, alongside, Virtual Sports, and betting stimulation services. Flexible and modular, you have full autonomy to manage and integrate any features that suit your specific market and business objectives.

Second-generation Igaming platform

The result is the second-generation Igaming platform QUANTUM. Twice as fast and scalable as its predecessor, it’s the world’s fastest digital and more robust platform in the market.

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Betting markets
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  • Customisable odds feed
  • Premium products
  • Bonus and promotions
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  • Risk management
  • Cashout
  • Real-time analytics
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  • Dynamic content areas
  • Fully customisable front-end
  • Localised odds
  • Allows you to offer specific bets and events on demand.