Sportingtech at Betting on Football 2018

Introduction of Pulse Gaming Platform for online bookmakers and casino operators
Sportingtech News Featured Image Betting on Football 2018

Sportingtech exhibited at this year’s Betting on Football and introduced its gaming platform packed with a powerful system that demonstrates great stability, high performance, possibilities for customization, great tools for managing all the operational activities for bookmakers, casino operators, and many more.

Emphasis on regulated and emerging markets

Sportingtech puts an emphasis on the regulated and emerging markets in Latin America, Africa, and Europe offering a turnkey solution for the online bookmakers and casino operators.

Platform flexibility is the greatest unique selling point

Platform flexibility is its greatest unique selling point as Sportingtech has the ability to offer what other platforms cannot. The system can be tailored to individual client needs. Depending on specifics, clients can manage their own risk analysis and trading activities or it’s up to Sportingtech to take care of this to enable the client to focus on acquiring new players, marketing activities, and so on.

We have developed an integration-ready platform

“Here at Sportingtech, we have developed an ‘integration’ ready platform that can serve as the hub for a number of third party software solutions, set to ease the operational processes.

Sportingtech People Elvis Dzombic Head of Business Development
Elvis Džombić – Head of Business Development

I can confirm that some of the data management solutions like CRM systems, business intelligence, player tracking etc. are already in-house developed solutions within our platform.” said Elvis Dzombic, Head of Business Development at Sportingtech.

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Do you want to increase revenue?

Pulse Platform is a powerful software that demonstrates a great flexibility allowing us to adjust the system to your specific needs.

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About Sportingtech

Sportingtech is a gaming platform provider that was founded in 2017, and gathers a team with more than 15 years of experience in the iGaming industry. The company thrives to develop groundbreaking solutions to operators targeting some of the most demanding gaming jurisdictions.

Your business needs improvement?

Pulse Platform is a powerful software that demonstrates a great flexibility allowing us to adjust the system to your specific needs.

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