Sportingtech competes for CEEG Awards 2019

Rising Star in Sports Betting Technology & Best Overall Sports Betting Provider
Sportingtech News Featured Image CEEG Awards 2019

Sportingtech is running for CEEG Awards 2019 in two sports betting categories: (B2B) Rising Star in Sports Betting Technology and (B2B) Best Overall Sports Betting Provider.

The voting is already in the process, and it ends on August 31, 2019.

The conference and awards ceremony will take place on September 24 in Budapest, Hungary.

How to Vote for Sportingtech

Right now, we are in the Public Online Voting Phase. This means everybody can vote.

There are 20 categories. You must vote for one company in each category in order to successfully submit your votes! You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Visit the voting page by clicking on this link. Choose your favorite companies. In Rising Star in Sports Betting Technology and in Best Overall Sports Betting Provider category, choose Sportingtech.

When you scroll to the end, mark reCAPTCHA’s I’m not a robot and click on ‘Vote’ button.

That’s it. You can do the same procedure once every day.

Why should you vote for Sportingtech?

“Sportingtech is only a two-year-old company. Yet, we employ igaming industry veterans with more than 10 years of experience. We have three worldwide offices in Malta, Portugal and Curacao. We have clients in Latam, Europe and Africa. We achieved a lot in such a short period of time, and we are very excited and pleased to be competing for CEEG Awards,” stated Amir Obralić, Marketing Manager at Sportingtech.

Sportingtech People Amir Obralic Marketing Manager
Amir Obralić – Marketing Manager

“This is the time when the volume of data for sports betting reached its peak and when all the challenges for bookmakers remained on the side of the system and platform for processing this data. At Sportingtech, we are equally following the continuous development of both areas in order to enable bookmakers to use the maximum capacities on both sides.

Sports betting in our offer includes the largest number of information about sports events globally, with the most relevant odds and the highest accuracy of information. In combination with Pulse management tools, the Sportsbook has never been more advanced and easier to use in the market, followed by the highest security standards,” Obralić also added.

Shortlisting and winner announcement

Public online voting leads to shortlisting. Five best companies, based on online votes, will be shortlisted in each of the 20 categories.

A shortlist announcement will be made on September 05, 2019.

Final voting will take place on September 24, 2019. All attending delegates of the CEEGC Budapest will get the chance to vote for their favorites to determine the winners at the 4th CEEG Awards.

Meet Sportingtech to discuss business opportunities

In case you want to meet Sportingtech’s team and find out more about its sports betting offering or other products, you can do so by sending an email to or, and arranging a meeting, whether it’s a Skype call or a meeting in person at one of the upcoming igaming events.

You can also click on one of our contact buttons anywhere on this website and fill in the contact form. Once we receive it, we’ll get back to you shortly.

About CEEG Awards

CEEG Awards (Central and Eastern European Gaming Awards) has been launched in 2016 and ever since then, the industry gathers yearly to applaud like-minded peers and companies for their efforts in bringing innovation, quality experience, and services.

In 2019 the awards will be given to 20 categories and will continue under the same mission of creating an independent, fair, and representative awards event that recognizes significant achievements within the Central and Eastern European gaming industry.

The Awards celebrate gaming software suppliers, operators, and service providers for their outstanding contributions to the online sector of industry in their respective fields.

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