Sportingtech expands the Brazilian market share

Sportingtech has strengthened and expanded its Brazilian market share with Bet4Plus release
Sportingtech News Featured Image Partnership with Bet4Plus 2020

Sportingtech, igaming platform, sports betting and casino provider has strengthened its position in the Brazilian market with Bet4Plus release.

Full scope of sports betting and casino products

The Pulse Platform is a multi-management platform that combines sports, technology, casino games, and betting into a single solution.

After upgrading to Sportingtech’s state-of-the-art igaming offering, Bet4Plus now has all the benefits of the platform, utilizing online channels to run its country-wide betting and gambling operations.

It uses all the latest features and updates from risk analysis tools, content and sportsbook management, powerful CRM, and CMS for its online business.

Increasing Latam market share is vital

“We are extremely happy to widen our impact in the Latam igaming market. Expanding the Brazilian market with Bet4Plus is a vital milestone.

We aim to support promising projects like Bet4Plus in achieving their goals in setting the standard for online betting excellence in Brazil.

Sportingtech People Tiago Almeida CEO
Tiago Almeida – CEO

This is a great opportunity for both Sportingtech and Bet4Plus to use and showcase the full power of the Pulse Platform, and pave the way for the expansion on both Latam and Asian markets”, expressed Tiago Almedia, CEO at Sportingtech.

“Bet4Plus chose Sportingtech as our provider to enter the Brazilian market, as the Pulse Platform is one of the best and fast-growing platforms in the gambling industry, with unrivaled and powerful features.

Besides all the great features of sportsbook management, they also have strong customer service.

Bet4Plus expects to extend their activity to India and LATAM markets in the near future”, said José Matos, Project owner at Bet4Plus.

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Pulse Platform is a powerful software that demonstrates a great flexibility allowing us to adjust the system to your specific needs.

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